Dance is an amazing contradiction of form. It is a graceful, artistic expression of any kind of emotion, even philosophy, yet this expression is achieved only through grueling physical discipline. The sweat, pulled muscles, and even broken toes that go into the upper echelon of dancing are the breaking point for many people, separating the “men from the boys,” so to speak. The personal discipline, physical demands, and investment of time and income represent a significant commitment from each individual. This kind of commitment is not to be underestimated, and not to be taken lightly. That is why you will find so many dancers who are committed to wearing only ethically correct dancewear. This goes deeper than some kind of political opinion. It is a commitment to contribute what you can to better the world. Here are ways to find your ethically correct dancewear.

Ethical Clothing


Mass produced clothing is often produced in sweat shops. Workers spend unending hours without climate control in their facility, working for barely any income, and without any kind of benefits. Famous designers have found themselves in trouble with the public when they discover that much of the line is being produced in sweat shops in China, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Ethical clothing will not be produced in such inhumane conditions. Fair trade and fair employment is followed with ethical clothing, and your website or store should be able to tell you whether or not your dancewear is ethically correct.

Leather Free

Dance shoes are often made of leather. The trend toward vegan lifestyle has produced a large demand for leather-free dancewear, including shoes. Other, man-made products can shape to the foot and be as durable as leather, so ask your dancewear provider for vegan shoes.

Business Practices


Ethical business practices affect the market place, but they also affect the treatment of those involved in the manufacturing process. This means that workers are to be treated fairly and legally. But, it also means that suppliers must comply to the same standards. Even sustainable crops can be produced in conditions that are cruel to humans and animals. Your dancewear company should be very careful to make sure that they do not ship any products that are produced in conditions that are produced in this manner.

In addition, sustainable products are preferable to those that are hard to grow or derived from limited resources. For example, many man-made products are derived from petroleum products. A better solution is to find vendors that can recycle materials, reducing the carbon footprint and use of limited natural resources.

Look for businesses that, at the very least, comply with environmental legislation. They also need to recycle as much as possible, because when clothing is made, there is a great deal of waste.

Vendors for Ethically Correct Dancewear

Dancewear 365 is such a company, as is Bloch Dancewear. International Dance Supplies also carries a line of ethical dancewear, as do Dance X-Tree, Capezio, and Pink Lemon.