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To be sure, horticulture boots are work boots above all else.

Gardening boots have to be watertight and easy to clean. Leather and suede are not in; vinyl and rubber are in.

They should slip off and on easily but not too readily when you walk through mud that you just pull your feet out of them. So they can’t be leg-hugging, knee high, side zip boots.

The soles of your gardening boots should be sturdy and thick enough in order to step on the top edge of a scoop.


Wellingtons – The Mother Of Gardening Boots

Okay, they come in some fashion shades now, although Wellington’s are not the height of fashion. Worn for decades by royalty on their long country walks, Wellington boots come in navy blue, green, red, and classic black. They can be fully lined and have an adjustable strap to adjust the tightness of the boot top.

When you are outside gardening or performing lawn maintenance in wet weather, you’ll find that you wouldn’t trade your Wellington boots for the most stylish boot around. Wellington gardening boots will cost you about $ 70.

Western Chief Waterproof Gardening Boots

Western Chief makes many different horticulture boots that are novelty that, while they may not be hip, are undoubtedly quite cute. The boots are manufactured from durable rubber. A pair of shopping bag design handles at the top of each boot makes them easy to pull off and on.

The ladybug boots are a red grin, antennae, and red with red eyes. Turtle boots are green with a turtle print. These boots can also be great for rain wear with jeans or a skirt that is colorful. You will run .

Classic Cloggies

Gardening boots are great, but sometimes you only want a simple shoe it is possible to step in and out of, like a clog. These injection molded shoes have a cushioned insole and come in three bright colours: navy blue, and red, green.

Do not Forget The Boot Stand

Gardening boots are designed to stay outside, on the back porch, or in a mud room. Get clogs organized and a boot stand to keep all of your gardening boots. A great boot stand will have shoe trees so you can dry your boots out, upside down, and wire stands for drying other shoes.

Most stands have enough room for scarves, hats, and gloves. Boots dry faster when you place the stand near wood stove or a heat vent.

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