Dad always said to use the right tool for the job. He could do anything – fix the car, build a fence, repair the plumbing, you name it he could do it. And he had a toolbox to envy. Using the right too for the job usually means you can do your job better. That is true with wardrobe, as well. He wore steel-toed boots as he did mechanic work. The right wardrobe is just a crucial to smooth performance of your job as the right tool. You wouldn’t work in a fan factory wearing peasant sleeves, and you wouldn’t run a marathon in stilettos. Here are some suggestions for the right wardrobe for working out and exercising.

Does It Breathe?


When I was a kid, “slick” material was the fashion. I hated that stuff, because it was like wearing an oven. You might as wear a plastic bag. It traps body heat in, and keeps even the motion of air generated as you walk from penetrating.

When you exercise at home or a gym or health resort, you don’t have to get an entire closet full of gym clothes, but you really should get some that breathe. This will allow air to reach your skin, cooling it and helping you to avoid overheating. You also need fabric that will absorb perspiration. This also helps to cool you off. This is especially important in outdoor exercises and activities. By absorbing sweat, your clothing basically becomes an evaporative cooler, helping to keep your body heat down. This will improve your performance and reduce strain on your body’s systems. Getting hot is not a problem, but overheating is a problem.

Does Your Exercise Wardrobe Fit?


Whether your clothes are too big or too small, they will hinder your workout. Many of us are so modest that we don’t want anyone to ever see us in workout clothes, so we’ll wear a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants to work out in the gym. If we are running or doing another outdoor activity, we’ll still go for the baggy T-shirt.

If your clothes are too big, they will impede your movements. They will get tangled up and in some cases snag on work out equipment. Since the majority of the fabric has little contact with your skin, it will not perform the wicking action necessary to pull perspiration away from your body. Over-sized clothes are never a good idea for your exercising.

On the other hand you have people who, for whatever reason, wear workout clothes that are too small. Tight clothes are highly restrictive to your movements, and can cause you to use bad form as you exercise. You will find yourself compensating for the inability to reach or bend far enough for certain activities, and this can cause outright damage to muscles and ligaments. In addition, tight clothing will restrict circulation, and can even interfere with respiration.

Your workout wardrobe should fit you comfortably and be easy to maintain. Cotton and spandex blends are a great combination.