Ethical clothing is the term used to describe the design, manufacture, and sale of clothing. These stages in production and distribution, in order to be considered as ethical clothing, must be done with decent working conditions, without exploitation of workers or the environment. In addition, they must be subject to fair trade, and not be abusive to animals in any way. Ethical fashion should be the result of sustainable production, as well, so that recyclable materials are used and/or produced and, wherever possible, materials are from sustainable crops such as bamboo. On the clothing design world, OSKA Clothing is some of the most fashionably ethical clothing in production.



OSKA makes it a priority to provide sustainable clothing. The view of the company is that the earth should be cared for, not wasted. They view their responsibility to be to future generations. Therefore, OSKA produces long-lived fashion. They use very high quality materials so that the clothes will last multiple seasons. In addition, the workmanship is of craftsmanship value. This extends the life of the garments, enabling them to look great year after year, without stretching, shrinking, warping, or fading.

Versatile Styling

The designers as OSKA are far-sighted, working to provide fashions that reflect the wearer, not the latest trends that will be out of style in 6 months. The clothing fits individual taste, and is versatile, lending itself to various combinations that extend the usefulness of each item. The styling is considered to be modular, and can be worn in various seasons when combined with other pieces

Beautiful Materials


Materials used in OSKA clothing are developed specifically for the company. Linen and cotton are used in the summer lines, and soft wool and natural fibres make up the materials for cold seasons. The dyes used in each of the materials developed in Europe are tested to make sure they don’t run or fade, and are designed to be comfortable and scent-free. No animals are used in testing any of the dyes used for OSKA clothing.


Quality ContractorsIMG_0225


OSKA contracts only with suppliers and manufacturers who can comply with strict ethical business practices. OSKA has a long tradition of doing business with their Czech companies that practice fair trade and workplace practices. This allows OSKA to take advantage of the long history of textile working in that part of the world. The textiles that come from this area are high quality, and you can rest assured that no workers were abused or misused in producing these materials.

The design workshop is in Munich. They produce over 300 items every 6 months, and the new designs are cut, sewn, and tailored right there in Munich. The design department is a close-knit series of groups each with their own assignments, and they work to produce beautiful clothing and accessories that will last a long time.

As you shop for ethical fashion, remember OSKA’s commitment to ethical work place practices, sustainable products, and long-lasting clothing. Then, look at their catalog. You’ll find the fashionably ethical clothing you are looking for.