There have been news reports over the years about terrible transgressions in the workplaces of third world countries. However, the good stories never seem to make the news. The truth is, many third world countries produce items valued by developed countries. The results are happy customers and a working class in poor countries that can finally make money. Here are some of the products you can find that have been produced in third world countries.



Oil is one of the first examples of products of third world countries. In fact, countries like Kuwait, that were once in the category as third world, are now among the richest on the planet. The average wealth of Kuwaitis is envied every where.


Nepal, India, and Pakistan produce some of the world’s finest carpets. What was once known as “Persian Carpets” are handmade to this day, and provide community industries for hundreds if not thousands of people. Other countries that produce Persian Carpets are Afghanistan and Iran.


Some of the poorest countries in the world are Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. Fortunately, these countries that are poor in natural resources are rich in cocoa. This industry feeds millions of people who work producing this popular item.

Artificial Plants


India, China, Pakistan, and Nigeria also produce a large number of the world’s artificial interior plants. These items figure powerfully in decorating in homes and offices all over the world. When you don’t want to bother with live plants, artificial ones provide almost all of the same benefits to your home and workplace.


Coal is still one of the most favored sources of energy. Although a fossil fuel, until alternatives are found, coal is still the go-to fuel for billions of people. China, Pakistan, Colombia, and Mongolia are major sources of coal. This export is crucial to the survival of the peoples of these countries. Other countries that mine coal are North Korea and Ukraine.


Diamonds have, for centuries, maintained a place in the royal family of gemstones. However, they are not naturally found in many places. Zimbabwe, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo mine and ship out diamonds as a major industry. Without diamonds, there would be little employment in these countries. Other countries that mine diamonds are Liberia, Central African Republic, Angola, and Sierra Leone.


Face it – most of the clothing we buy today is made in third world countries. China, Malaysia, and India are some of the biggest exporters of clothing. Others are Thailand, Argentina, and the Philippines.



Rice requires significant growing conditions that are hard to find in areas large enough to grow an exportable item. The Philippines, Kenya, Burma, and the Dominican Republic all export rice to the world. Other countries that grow rice as an industry are Mali, Uganda, Brazil, and India.


Cattle are often associated with only the American West. However, Nambia, Uganda, and Bolivia are huge exporters of beef, as are Paraguay and Brazil.