If your someone who agrees with the points of ethical fashion but doesn’t know how to go about helping, then you may want to think about recycling and reusing your old clothes. If you have a hard time getting rid of old clothes, then these pointers are for you! You don’t have to throw out that psychedelic paisley print blouse from the 70s, you can re-use it! Actually, there are a lot of useful purposes for old clothes. Here are some ideas for you, so that you don’t have to throw out perfectly good duds.


Well, of course, the first thing people may think of are quilts, when they have old bits and pieces of clothing that they treasure. What a perfect way to commemorate your athletic season with a quilt made with the logo sections of your old jerseys and caps! You don’t have to be a quilter to do this, because most cities have quilting clubs that will do this for you.
Take those play-clothes your toddlers wore two decades ago and have them appliquéd to a crazy quilt. You’ll love the results, and have the items out of storage, where you can enjoy them.


You can repurpose old clothes that you are particularly fond of. Take an old T-shirt with special meaning but holes under the sleeves. You can cut the shirt across the chest, just under the arms, and roll the edge over a couple of times. Add a length of elastic, and you have a mini-skirt!
Take that old pair of jeans – you know, the skinny jeans you can’t wear any more, but you don’t want to throw out. With a pattern or two and some basic sewing skills, you can turn those jeans into a new purse.


One of the best uses of logo materials, or funky prints that you treasure, is to make patches out of them. You don’t have to keep the whole item, just the part that makes it special. Used as a patch over or behind holes in your other clothes, you get a great shabby look that gets even more use out of your favorite T-shirt or blanket.



One of the most popular ways to reuse old clothes is in making a rag rug. There are patterns for these, too, but it’s pretty simple to braid or twist strips of cloth, weaving together to make your own braided rug. You’ll recognize the strips of patterns in that rug from now on, and have a keepsake as well.

That fabric may make a great lampshade cover. Give it a try, and you’ll add that silky blouse to your room décor.
Make puppets with old sleeves. You can tuck the cuff in and stitch it shut for a mouth, and add googly eyes and false eyelashes, and you have a crazy, fun puppet.


When you think of old clothing as unused lengths of fabric, you can begin to see many possibilities. If you are not going to donate your old clothes to charity – some of them will be too worn out, after all – repurpose them. There are plenty of patterns and craft items available, and you’ll enjoy the activity.